Dienstag, 26. Juni 2007

"Hey there you with the sad face come up to my place and live it up!"


we successfully arrived in Sydney without further accidents and bills. Driving in Sydney is definitely a challenge but Maenu guided me very well!

By the way: If someone might be interested to catch up with us in Zurich: Maenu arrives on Sunday, 01. July, on 08.20 in the morning. I arrive on 13.20 same date.
My parents come by car, there are no seats left, unfortunately, that means you have to go home by your own, sorry. So we are not disappointed if you're not there.

Thanks very much for your comments, sorry that I can't respond, I have to enjoy the very last couple of days of my "exchange half-year" :-)

I present you a few more pics without comment...
See ya soon


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